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About Us

Stusquatch's Rockstar BBQ is, at its core, a very happy accident. We didn't necessarily set out to become a restaurant. We just really wanted to express our love language by serving up delicious food to our friends. All we needed was a space to make it!

Enter Metro Eats. What started as a one-off gig was soon transformed into a full-time residency performance thanks to the collaborative line-up of amazing talent at Metro Eats. 

We could never do this alone. We are here thanks to the incredible support of our friends, our families, and our community. As much as we can, we pay it forward by supporting other local small businesses and using locally-sourced goods. Our honey comes from neighborhood bees, our wood is from right here in the Ozarks, and much of our produce will be supplied by the Metro Eats farmers market. 

With the combined passion of our culinary artists, Stusquatch as our Pit Master, and the rest of our dedicated team, we have found a way to make our vision actualized... sharing our Love through Rockstar Quality BBQ, breakfast, and Baked goods! 


Stusquatch himself